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Step through a virtual photographic tour of the Kickapoo Mountain Bike Trails. Learn about some of the features and offerings available at the Kickapoo State Park.

This map shows the parks along the Middle Fork River, and contains many of the park(s) features including 3 types of trails.

This map represents the elevation profile of the mountain bike trails. By clicking on any trail it will generate an estimate of the elevation. You can move the slider along the profile to see the changes in topography for any section of trail.

Additional Resources

Are you a bit more technically-minded? Head over to our "Other Map Resources" page for a variety of downloadable map files!

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Below you will see the Kickapoo Mountain Bike Club trail map. Note that the 'Main Loop' is the race course. Detailed race lap instructions are below the map. Click the map for a high-resolution version.

Click here to download the satellite map
Click here to download the terrain map
Also check out this interactive map for a trail walk-through
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