Kickapoo Mountain Bike Club

Formation of the club

A demand for mountain biking trails at Kickapoo State Park, near Danville, Illinois, along with a lack of state funding to build or maintain the trails, led to the club's formation in 1993. The Park agreed to allow volunteers to build and maintain bicycle trails on over 1,000 acres of land in the northeast corner of the Park. The Kickapoo Mountain Bike Club (KMBC) was formed and has been hard at work ever since with the assistance and approval of the Park and the Illinois State Department of Natural Resources. Club Functions. The KMBC currently has many members and is continually growing. For a $20 annual membership fee, club members receive a KMBC bumper sticker and the satisfaction that they are helping build a great trail system. A weekly club meeting and group fun ride is held each Sunday afternoon at 10:00 am. This ride is informal, so informal that some times nobody shows up. Regular monthly work days are held on the second Saturday of each month at 9:00 a.m. to do trail maintenance. The KMBC puts on one or two NORBA sanctioned mountain bike races each year to give area riders a chance to compete and as a source of income.

Accomplishments Thus Far

With the assistance of Kickapoo State Park, the KMBC has managed to construct approximately 10 miles of off-road bicycle trails to date. These trails are on State property and are open to the public at all times at no charge. The club is also responsible for routine maintenance and repairs of the trail system. Mapping and marking the trails was done by KMBC volunteers as well as construction of map boxes and a bulletin board at the trailhead. To keep the trails in good condition, a number of projects involving water bar construction and drainage tile installation have been completed. The KMBC also donated $1,000 to Kickapoo State Park for the construction of a toilet at the trailhead parking area.

Some Reviews of our Trails

Our trails have received very positive reviews on a number of national mountain biking websites. Keep an eye on the following pages for updates:

Projects on the Horizon

The future holds much potential for the KMBC. Some of the future projects we envision are: continuation of new trail construction, further maintenance and repair of existing trails, improved marking and signage on trails, and increase membership and fundraising to help in accomplishing these goals.

Needs of the KMBC

As with most volunteer organizations, the KMBC is always in need of more volunteers and more money. The club is continually striving to spread the word of our organization and our trail system in an attempt to attract new members. Membership information is distributed in bicycle ships throughout Central Illinois and Indiana. The widespread promotion of our races is another way to make mountain bikers throughout the Midwest aware of our existence. These races are also our main source of income. Some of our expenses are: materials for trail improvement (drainage tile, lumber, signs, tools, etc.), donations to Kickapoo State park to help with major projects (toilet, picnic shelter, etc.), and race promotion and production expenses (prizes, course marking materials, fliers, postage, etc.)

Long Term Goals

We of the Kickapoo Mountain Bike Club are proud of our trail system and our organization. Considering we are located in the middle of cornfield country, we feel we have a very nice area for mountain biking. We feel we are privileged to have the relationship we have with Kickapoo State Park and we strive to maintain and build that relationship. Our long term goals are to see the KMBC grow and prosper. We are seeing a tremendous growth in the use of the mountain bike trails at Kickapoo and we are hopeful that the volunteerism and fundraising necessary to continue our efforts will be there in the future when they are needed.

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