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What were the trails like today?

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User Date Condition Comments
WoodnSS 2/17/2017
Muddy in Spots
Did a lap last night, some muddy spots that need to be walked, but otherwise solid. With wind/temp this weekend, trails should be great Saturday & Sunday! Just be careful for downed branches, as no trail clearing has been done yet this year! Get out and have fun!
genem 2/1/2017
Don't Ride!
Muddddy. Don't waste your time driving over.
WoodnSS 1/29/2017
We're in the freeze/thaw! If air temp is well below freezing, trails should be frozen and good to ride. Be careful of sunny days, sometimes that's enough to thaw the top layer and make trails slick. Ride early or at night if you dare! Remember, if you're leaving ruts, get off trails and ride road!
andyman64 9/26/2016
Don't Ride!
With the rains yesterday (9/25) give the trails 24 hours to dry providing no more rain
DrewHagen 8/20/2016
Don't Ride!
Cancelled the Saturday Super D due to rain. Sorry folks.
DrewHagen 8/16/2016
Don't Ride!
Much rain. No Ridey the bikey on trails until they dry. Lets keep the trails in good condition for our weekend event.
ShawnC 8/15/2016
Don't Ride!
Over 3" of rain and still raining
ShawnC 8/15/2016
Hero Dirt!
Trails are great!
DrewHagen 8/14/2016
Hero Dirt!
Trails are great. Let's all keep fingers crossed for the race weekend!
ShawnC 8/2/2016
Hero Dirt!
Trails are great!
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